Hello, Darling...

Well hello, ladies (and gents)! If you're here then I already know you're a fellow flamingo :) 

We are so happy that you're here and want to share in this exciting new venture with us! All of this started a couple years back, when (as a wedding photographer) I saw a big gap in the backdrop industry, and I decided that I wanted to have my own backdrop line (backdrops for wedding ceremonies, cake tables, gift tables, wedding photo booths, party photo booths, etc). I thought that if the bride just added a simple backdrop or two to their wedding decor, then it could make a wedding look so much more styled, expensive, and custom! In addition, as a bride designing my own wedding awhile back, I knew that I wasn't able to find this type of thing in my price range... add on being such a busy bride-to-be, and I certainly didn't have the time to create one! I would have had to put in a lot of time and physical labor (which definitely does not sound appealing to me), trying to lather up a couple giant canvases myself and make it look halfway decent. So the shop originated as an idea for quick, convenient, and affordable backdrops... and just recently we decided to launch even more stylish designs and awesome products in other categories that we love, too!

In addition to art and apparel, will be offering more and more fine art prints, canvases, and frames! We will constantly be adding new inventory, so stay connected! 

With a background and degree in interior design, this feels like a small way that my love for photography, art, and interior design can merge. I really love taking photos and figuring out how I'm going to display them for maximum impact, (and my friends and clients love my home and gallery walls) so I want to offer my personal favorites, directly to you.

If you love design tips and inspo, I will be talking about how to incorporate our art and frames on our @polished-interiors instagram every now and again. So join us there for some pretty photos and great design ideas!

If you would like to get in contact, please email us at info@lindseymueller.com.

Big hugs // Lindsey Mueller